Placing Orders With Amazon Just Got Easier

buy_now_amazonWith The Amazon Echo


Placing Orders

You probably already order with Amazon right?  Well placing orders is easy with the Amazon Echo.  If you don’t already then you should, because they have some best deals out there.  Manually going to their website to search for a specific product and go through all the steps to purchase that product is time consuming.  The Amazon Echo is all about convenience.  And purchasing products off of Amazon is no exception. The Amazon Echo makes it extremely easy to do so.  Not only can you order products with your Amazon Echo, but you can also quickly and conveniently reorder items you have purchased at an earlier time.

I hear some people on the internet blaming Amazon for creating the Amazon Echo just so they can sell their products.  Well duh, they are the largest online store in the world, and that is what they do. But if you look at the Amazon Echo and all it’s features which we will go over, you will see that is not true.  Amazon Echo has tons of features that have nothing to do with Amazon selling their products, but instead this awesome device is all about CONVENIENCE.

Reality is though, people buy stuff, because that’s how this world rolls, and Amazon sells stuff because that’s how they roll.  Amazon also happens to have some of the best deals around anyways. 

Lets take books for instance.  Almost everybody reads books.  By placing orders with Amazon or renting them from booksfree online I can get exactly what I am looking for.  There have been to many times when I go to the used book store that I don’t find what I am looking for.  Buying books off of amazon takes care of that problem.  If I don’t want to buy a book there is a good chance that the library won’t have what I am looking for either, it’s happened a few times, so that’s where Booksfree comes into play.  Again it’s always about convenience.


Got Your Amazon Echo Yet?  Good, Lets Learn How To Shop Then…
What can you order with Alexa?  You can order music plus Prime Products.  Alexa will use the default payment you have set up in your Amazon account. This can also be managed with your shopping settings within your Alexa App.  All that is needed to order music or products is a U.S. billing address and your payment method.

Ordering Music
You can order music using the Voice Purchasing method. Any music you purchase will be stored in your Amazon music library free. Not sure how to do this? Go to the Amazon Digital Music Store section of this website to learn how.

Re-Ordering Products
This section is actually for re-ordering products such as house items like laundry soap ect.. You must be a Amazon Prime Member in order to re-order products. Get your 30 Day Free Trial Here.

If there are two items that are similar then Alexa will offer you the second item if you don’t want the first item that you wanted to order.

Sometimes Alexa won’t be able to find the item that you requested in your order history, and she will then offer an alternative item to choose from. Alexa will always offer the best alternative when it comes to ratings and price.

If you accidentally place an order you decide you don’t want just say “Alexa, Cancel My Order” If for some reason Alexa cannot cancel your order then you can go into your Alexa App manually to cancel the order. You should see a link in your card for order details and following that link should give you the option to cancel the order.

Shopping Responses From Alexa