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CryptoTracker For your Bitcoin

Have you ever wanted that perfect edge when it comes to tracking your Bitcoin’s current price, volume, or market cap? Well now you have one with CryptoTracker. It doesn’t just track Bitcoin, but a whopping 500 other cryptocurrencies, and ICO’s to boot.  Furthermore this nice skill will also let you ask Alexa how much a specific currency is worth if you were to convert it into another currency.

“Alexa ask crypto tracker what’s the market cap of LiteCoin”

“Alexa ask crypto tracker what’s the price of Bitcoin in Ether”

“Alexa, ask crypto tracker what’s new about Ether”

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California Association of Realtors

If you are a dabbler in selling real estate then it is probably good to keep up on all the news. This skill is brought to you by California Association Of Realtors. They offer general news, updates, and official releases. What are the current origination fees? Or how about interest rates? You will get all this information with this very useful skill! Also learn what the average price for a home is, or how long the house has been up for sale. Lots of info with this skill!

Alexa, talk to California Realtors”

“Alexa, ask California Realtors for a news update”

“Alexa, ask California Realtors about the market information”

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It’s Tough Finding That Perfect Credit Card

Are you looking to apply for a credit card, but want to avoid the traps that sometimes comes with it? I mean who wants to deal with all the junk from shady credit card companies? This skill will help you find the best credit cards out there. It also has information on how to properly use your credit card. If you want to find 0% interest credit cards then this skill will be very helpful!

“Alexa, Enable Credit Card Helper”

“Alexa, open Credit Card Helper”

“Alexa, ask Credit Card Helper what is the best zero interest credit card”

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Need Some Insurance Advice?

Hey do you need to get a little smarter on insurance decisions? This skill is those looking to buy insurance through Safeco. They offer you a lot of information even if you don’t go with Safeco. They will tell you things like what a umbrella insurance is. This skill even gives you insurance quizzes to test your knowledge! Need an incentive to try out this skill? Amazon is giving you the chance to win a Amazon gift card worth $200.00! All you need to do is link your account with your email, and zip code and that’s it! You are now entered into the sweepstakes.

“Alexa, open Insurance Advisor.”

“Alexa, ask Insurance Advisor what does liability mean?.”

“Alexa, ask Insurance Advisor to help me find an insurance agent.”

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Learn How To Sell Like The Pros

Are you a Salesman that needs to gain a bit of an edge on your competition, and need some new ideas? Dave Sanderson is here to help make that possible with 30 years of sales experience under his belt. Not only do you have the help of Dave Sanderson, but also some of the best salesman on the market today. Here they will give you advice on what has made them successful throughout their careers, and skills that still allow them to dominate the market today.

“Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?”

“Alexa, what’s in the news?”

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Archie Where Did My Website Traffic Come From? 

Do you have a website to where you like to keep track of your monthly traffic? It’s important to know if this month is better or worse than the last month. Archie will tell you what your traffic is this month, but also let you know how this month compares from the last. Archie will also tell you where your traffic is coming from. Archie is really smart too, he will even predict what your traffic will be for the next month.

This Video Is For Google Voice, This Skill Will Still Do the Same Thing For You On Your Amazon Echo

“Alexa, talk to Archie Voice”

“Alexa, ask Archie Voice”

“Alexa, ask Archie Voice to give me daily briefing”

“Where did I get most of my traffic in the last 24 hours?”

“Please predict next week’s traffic.”

“Give me my weekly briefing.” 

“Give me an advice on how to boost traffic.”

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Can We Afford The Mortgage For This House?

Are you hunting for a home to buy? We all know they come with mortgages. The key to successfully buying a house especially if it’s your first house is to know the ins and outs of how the mortgage game works. This skill will teach you a number of hot tips to help avoid pitfalls.

“Alexa, Open Mortgage Helper”

“Alexa, ask Mortgage Helper for the rate on a fifteen year mortgage”

“Alexa, ask Mortgage Helper how much I can borrow”

“Alexa, ask Mortgage Helper what size house I can get”

“Alexa, ask Mortgage Helper what is the best place to get a mortgage”

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57 Brand Haiku’s To Explode Your Brand Name

Building your own brand can mean the difference between financial success or financial ruin. This skill will give you 57 unique tips on how to build a better brand. You not only want to build a succesfull brand, but you want it sustainable too. Lean how your customers behave, and choose brands plus many other gold nuggets to get you on your way to building that perfect brand!

Hear All 57 Haikus With In-depth Instructions From The Author Himself!

“Alexa, open Brand Haiku.”

“Alexa, ask Brand Haiku to play a haiku.”

“Alexa, ask brand Haiku about brand strategy.”

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