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Before you start accessing the Alexa App make sure your Amazon Echo is plugged in.

Another worthy note:
You will not be able to connect to a WiFI at public places such as a hotel or coffee shop as they require a web browser for authentication.

  • Once you are in your Alexa app, you will see a navigation panel on your left. From there you will see settings, then you will see update WiFi.  If this is the first time you are setting up your Echo, or if you have not yet added your Echo to your account then choose Set Up A New Echo.
  • From your Amazon Echo, hold down the action button for five seconds.  You will see that the ring light changes to orange. At this point your phone will connect to your Echo.  You now should see a list of networks.
  • Now lets select your WiFi network, and put in your network password.  Tap on connect. If your network is not showing up then you can tap on Add Network or you can try to scan for it again.

Note: If you know your network is hidden, then you can add it in the app to connect to it. When you connect successfully you should see a message confirming that you are connected.

This step needs to be done before you can start streaming your music to your Echo.

Note: The Amazon Echo is not able to received  your calls, text’s, or notifications. Also when it comes to your Bluetooth speakers Amazon Echo will not be able to receive audio.

Lets go ahead and start pairing them up:
First you want to open the navigation menu on the left.  Now we want to go to settings.  If you named your Amazon Echo you should see it under settings, tap on the name you gave it.

Now you want to select Bluetooth/Pairing Mode. Your Echo should now say Ready To pair. Lets now go to your Bluetooth settings on your phone and choose your Amazon Echo.  Give it a few seconds for your Echo to show up in the list. The next thing you should hear is Connected With Bluetooth.

After you are done using your phone you want to say disconnect.  Your Echo should then disconnect from your phone.

Once you are paired your phone will automatically connect to your Echo when you turn your Bluetooth on and say connect. If you used multiple devices to pair up with the Echo it will connect to the device you most recently paired it with.

Voice Control For Paired Devices
Just a quick note if I may,  Mac OS X devices are not supported with the voice control for example with the Mac-Book Air.

Our next step is to say Connect. The Echo will search for your phone and connect.  If you have Spotify on your phone then select something to listen to on your phone through your Echo. There are several voice commands you can use to control playback.

You can say:

Let’s Pair Your Echo To Your Remote:
Please remember once again that the remote is sold separately.  You can pick this up at Amazon.
Our first step is to insert the batteries. (Batteries are Included). Go to your Alexa app, and go to the settings. Find your device and pair them up.


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