‘Amazon Restaurants’ Is The New Way To Order…

Amazon Restaurants Is The New Way To Order - A picture with a restaurant background setting
Amazon Has A New Skill


Introducing Amazon Restaurants…

Before We Get Started You Will Want To Learn How To
Enable Skills.

Can Alexa really find the top rated Local Restaurants in your area?  You bet, and quite literally with the all new Amazon Restaurants skill. Alexa will not only go out of her way to find the best restaurant based on user ratings. She will also order the food for you too! 

How would you like to order your pizza without picking up the phone? Believe it or not, Alexa will order the pizza for you, and will tell you when it is being delivered. Don’t believe me?  Check out the video below.
The Amazon Echo is becoming very handy!

First off Amazon Restaurants is actually a skill that you will need to enable if you want to order food with Alexa. The first step is to place an order with the Amazon Echo participating restaurants. In order to do this you will want to first place an order with that restaurant the old school way. After that you can say something like “Alexa order me a pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut or with Dominoes Pizza,  and Alexa will pull this order from your order history. So in a nutshell you need to first have orders established with that restaurant before This Skill will work. This of course requires you to be a Prime Member.

Amazon Restaurants Sample Picture Offering Free Delivery

 “Amazon Restaurants” Does Have It’s Problems, However There Is A Work Around!

I’m Missing Some Items!
It’s important to know that in the restaurant ordering game Amazon Restaurants is still growing it’s wings, so this service is working out the bugs . I decided to take a gander at the reviews on Amazon for Amazon Restaurants, and there are quite a few 1 star reviews. 44%! Most of the complaints have been with the fact that people didn’t get everything they ordered. Until Amazon works this particular wrinkle out I would still order with the Alexa, but for the time being I would call the restaurant to make sure that Alexa put in the correct order. Have the restaurant read everything back to you that you ordered.

Why Was My Order Cancelled?
Yup this seems to be another issue with Amazon Restaurants. Orders for no reason are getting cancelled. With this new skill it takes about an hour to get your food, but of course you looking at a lot more time if your order gets accidentally cancelled by Alexa. When you are really hungry this is not good! You can use the same tip above to make sure this does not happen to you until Amazon gets this fixed. It may take away from the whole convenience factor, however it is a lot better than waiting 2 hours for your food. And possibly cold food at that. So it really doesn’t hurt to place a quick call to the restaurant to make sure that the order went through ok. If it didn’t than just order with them over phone right then and there. Problem solved!

Hey Driver You forgot Some Items! Sorry No Tip…
Yes there have been complaints that drivers have forgotten items that they have order utilizing Amazon Restaurants, but is that really Alexa’s fault? These complaints are directed more towards the driver than the actual ordering that Alexa did. That can happen. However you also have Alexa somehow ordering from a different restaurant than the one you told her to order from. I am not seeing a lot of this in the reviews, so once again this is something that Amazon is going to have to fix. Sadly there really isn’t a work around for this one.

Thankfully these can be remedied with a quick phone call to the Restaurant to make sure all is good.

Watch The Amazon Restraunts Skill In Action!

Now once you have the the Amazon Restaurant skill enabled you are going to want to set up your address if you haven’t done so already. If not just follow the steps below.

Lets Add Your Address In The Alexa App:
Go into your Alexa App on your mobile device
Go to your settings from your navigation panel
Choose your mobile device
From the Device Location tap Edit
Input your whole address
Then save your settings

That’s it your done! Now with the skill enabled you can start ordering your food! 

Please Note:
There Are Specific Cities That Are Participating With Amazon Restaurants.

Check To See If Amazon Delivers In Your City

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