Amazon Echo Review..  Can You Benefit From It?

Here I will go over my Amazon Echo Review with you to help you decide if this device is for your or not.  I will also keep adding to this as I go.  So far the pros are outweighing the cons.

  • One of the biggest highlights of The Amazon Echo is it’s ability to give you accurate news, weather and sport scores on the fly. This is very handy when you are tight on time getting to work or getting the kids ready for school and do not have time to sit down to watch the Boob-Tube.
  • Another huge feature is the music feature. Anybody can pop in a CD or USB flash drive to listen to music or manually play it from their computer, but what is really nice with this device is you can tell the Amazon Echo to play whatever you want it to play and it will understand you. Don’t even have to get up, now that is nice. Especially if you are reading a good book and don’t want to bother getting up to change your playlist on your computer or phone or whatever you might be using at the time.
  • When it comes to music the Amazon Echo is hard to beat.  As it can access your music library from various sources. Such as your Amazon music library, Pandora, Tune In, and  iHeart Radio.  If that is not enough music for you, you can become a Prime Member to access Prime Music with Amazon.  You can even upload your music to Amazon Prime Music.
  • Another great thing is that it is constantly updated with new stuff. This is great for people like me who get bored with the same stuff over and over again.
  • You also get a remote control. Some wonder why a remote control is needed if the Amazon Echo is voice driven? Well that is the beauty of it.  The remote control has many useful features such as a microphone, so yes you can speak commands in the remote control and the Amazon Echo will hear you.
  • The Amazon Echo has it’s own volume control but maybe your in the bedroom and the device is in the kitchen and you want to turn the volume down.  You can do that with the Voice Remote For The Amazon Echo.
  • If you are really bored or you want to entertain the kids the Amazon Echo has a feature to where you can ask it fun facts or you can ask it to tell you a joke.  There are a lot of jokes and new ones are frequently added.

Amazon Echo Review…  Really Small Complaints…

  • One of the negative features is the Audio. It is not bad. It does have good sound, but it could use more omph to it. So it’s not going to rattle your windows with Bose speaker like sounds, but the sound is still good and I wouldn’t let that deter you if you plan to purchase this device.
  • The calendar feature which is nice, does have it’s downfalls.  Amazon Echo can read from your existing calendars but you cannot have Alexa add to it.  She will tell you she can’t do that yet.  But the word here is YET.  So we do know with future updates this feature will most likely be added.
  • One complaint has been the fact that sometimes you could be facing the amazon echo in a quiet room and it doesn’t always understand what you are saying.  I am seeing that about 1% of people are complaining about this issue.  Sounds like they just need to contact Amazon to have another one sent to them.
  • Another thing that the Echo says she cannot do yet is remove items from the Grocery Shopping List.  Hopefully this will be fixed quickly.  This is annoying for the obvious fact that we may have thought we needed a specific house item then saw we actually already had it, it was just a bit hidden.  In my opinion this feature should have already been present.  But again at least she says she can’t do this YET.


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