Amazon Echo Calendar

Do you use Google Calendar?  Well with Amazon’s Echo Calendar you can utilize the power of Alexa when planning your next event.  Once you have your Google Calendar synced up everything then becomes nice and easy.  Although reading back your schedule with the Amazon Echo is not  a new thing, it is still very useful.  I myself am horrible with checking paper calendar’s for events I have written down, and for some reason remembering to ask Alexa has been easier than me remembering to check a calendar
hanging on a wall.

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The whole process of getting your Amazon Echo Calendar to work is simply linking it to your Google account.  At that point you can ask Alexa to add an event to your Calendar.  You can also review future events.  

Hot Tip:  Anybody using your device can view any event that has been created.

Let’s Get The Show On The Road!

1. Open up your Alexa App
2. From your navigation panel on the left select settings then Calendar
3. Now select your Google Calendar
4. You now will have the option to link your Google Calendar account
5. Now just sign in using your Google email address.  

Need a Google Calendar Account?  Register here ——>

Hot Tip:  Make sure you have selected a Calendar within your Alexa App using the drop down menu before adding events.

What Else Can Utilize Amazon Echo Calendar?

Amazon Echo Icloud Calendar
So it’s no surprise that Alexa has learned the ways of the Amazon Echo Icloud Calendar through third party skill Apps. Knowing that Apple is almost as big as Google It was just a matter of time until the Amazon Echo joined forces with the I-Cloud Calendar.

Amazon Echo Calendar Integration With I-Cloud And Other Platforms:

All You Really Need Is Right Here
There are many ways and Apps for integration of your Amazon Echo Calendar.  But I found the best one I think.  Why is it the best?  Well it is true that you get what you pay for, but free is better, and FreeBusy looks great for being free.  Even though FreeBusy is a scheduling assistant for meetings,
it still works for individual calendar events.

So How Do You Get Alexa To Work With I-Cloud?

Simple – With FreeBusy
FreeBusy is an Alexa Skill for the Amazon Echo. FreeBusy is specifically designed to work with all your Calendars and Contact needs.  With FreeBusy you can link up all of your calendars while also having a complete view of your contacts.

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